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    Wraith: My Latest MC Release

    He was out for his biggest revenge. His daughter is his most prized possession and anyone who harms her will surely feel the Wraith. eBook – https://amzn.to/3d2S0cm   You think you can take what’s mine, and there’ll be no repercussions? I will hunt you. I will torture you. I will make you tell me your secrets, then dispose of you. My daughter is my most precious possession. I will make them regret the day they came near her. I will destroy the Harbingers of Death MC and the Petrov family. They will regret ever having touched what I protect. These men have never come up against a Wraith, and I…

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    Savage Angels MC Concludes with Savage Christmas Novella

    In case you missed it, I recently published the last book in the Savage Angels MC series – Savage Christmas. It’s Christmas at the Clubhouse, all things are merry and bright. Though something is stirring, a secret baby’s insight. Can Dane find Kat the perfect gift to bring her cheer? Or will his brothers and kids bring nothing but mischief this year? Poor Dane will struggle, this much is true. But a wedding is on the horizon, perhaps there will be two. So follow the club as they get through Christmas together. And find out if what they say is true… that love is forever. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND KINDLE…

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    Chaos and Anarchy Reign in Book 8 of the Savage Angels MC Series: Savage Life

    A serial killer. An FBI agent, with something to prove. A sheriff, trying to keep his small-town safe. In Tourmaline, chaos and anarchy reign. It’s home to the Savage Angels MC, and they will do anything to protect what’s theirs from enemy forces. Some from outside the town. Some from within. While the MC is trying to maintain order, the sheriff will finally open his heart again, but will a serial killer end it all before it’s begun? Can the MC control the chaos? Because if there’s one thing to know about the Savage Angel’s MC, mess with them and you’ll find yourself at The Barn. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND…

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    Savages Lies – Savage Angels MC Book 7 available now!

    In an instant, I screwed everything up. I had my girl, Cassia, and for once, I felt like I belonged. With my quick temper, I let her father manipulate me and I lost everything. My past threatens to destroy my future. But with the help of a few old friends and my MC, I hope the nightmare that is my family, can be put to rest once and for all. A fast-paced MC romance where the savage lies will either bind them together or keep them apart. Available on Kindle Unlimited! Savage Life Book 8 and Savage Christmas Novella also available now!  

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    Available Now – The Spark Ignites

    Title: The Spark Ignites Series: MacKenny Brothers Series #1 Author: Kathleen Kelly Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: July 15, 2018 Eric made the choice to live in a small town. A loner, he has few friends and a secret.   Cherie is a waitress with big dreams and little prospects.   Fate throws Eric and Cherie together when her Grandfather suffers a severe heart attack, and Eric agrees to help the old man and his feisty Granddaughter.   Until now, Eric has successfully kept himself closed off from everyone. For three years, he has been caged-up like a fugitive in the boring, deadbeat town to keep those he loves safe.  …

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    When Clubs Collide Anthology is LIVE!

    When Clubs Collide Anthology Release Blitz If you enjoy hot, tattooed bikers and the women they love, you’ll want this anthology on your reading list. Some of your favorite MC authors have teamed up and now these bad boy bikers are helping to raise money for End Rape On Campus. Harley McRide and Carson Mackenzie Geri Glenn and Kathleen Kelly GM Scherbert and B.B. Blaque Erin M Trejo and AJ Downey Ariel Marie and Jacqueline M Sinclair Liberty Parker Author and Vera Quinn Kathryn Kelly and Emma James Shelly Morgan and Avelyn Paige With eight stories, bringing sixteen clubs together, you know there’s going to be some unstoppable action and…

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    Savage Sacrifice is LIVE!

    Title – Savage Sacrifice Series – Savage Angels MC Author – Kathleen Kelly Genre – MC Romance Release Date – May 31st Rockstar Princess Kat Saunders is enjoying her world tour with the band, RockPlay a little too much. Captured on camera kissing bad boy rocker, Will Van Ryken, her world is about to get turned upside down. When Dane Reynolds, President of Savage Angels MC tries to confront his wife, another kind of hell descends upon him. Guilty, ashamed and disgusted in his own behavior, Dane skips town and heads home to Tourmaline knowing what he must sacrifice for his wife. Will he give up the club, his family,…

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    1 Week ’til We Party!

    Celebrating ONE YEAR Savage Angels MC Series Genre: MC, Contemporary/Erotic Romance ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Savage Stalker is the first book in my Savage Angels MC series and was published one year ago this month. I am also celebrating 1 year as a published indie author and invite all my readers and fans, new and old to come and join in the celebrations. JOIN THE PARTY We have a SUPER HOT line up of MC Authors waiting to party with you , so be sure not to miss it! WIN 🎉 WIN 🎉 WIN ✦✦EXCLUSIVE TO BLOGGERS – KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY✦✦ SIGN UP to WIN ✦✦ READER GIVEAWAY – Paperback, Earrings & Swag✦✦…

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    Savage Angels Inspiration

    When I first started writing, there were characters that filled my thoughts daily, infiltrated my dreams at night and pleaded with me to tell their story. Bringing them to life in my books was not an easy task and perhaps you’ve wondered where the inspiration for them came from? Well, I’m kind of new to Pinterest but I do have a board where you can sneak a peak at some of my inspiration. View My Pinterest Boards Here

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    Savage Angels HIT Top 20 on iBooks Australia

    This past week has been a little exciting with ALL THREE of my Savage Angels MC books sitting in the iBooks Australia Top 20 list for at least a few days! We saw Savage Stalker at #2, Savage Fire #5 and Savage Town #17. THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased, read and reviewed my books so far. With Savage Stalker now permanently FREE we saw a huge spike in sales and made it in the Top 100 Free Books on Amazon.com, from memory it went down to #85 and only yesterday it was at #13 in Romance > Mystery & Suspense > Suspense. We’ve also seen over 50 great…