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Books By The Bridge Recap

In case you didn’t know, I recently attended Books by the Bridge in Sydney. This wasn’t my first signing but for some unknown reason I was nervous…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start with the road trip!
I woke up at 4am Thursday morning so I could pack up the rest of the car, shower and get on the road to be at my trusty PA’s house, Maci, at 6:30am. The idea was to be at Cherie’s house by 7am but Cherie surprised me by being at Maci’s. We all hit the road at 7:03am.
You’re all wondering why we drove? My pre-orders. Unlike some of the other Authors, I got my books delivered to my home instead of the organisers of BBTB. LOL. It worked out better as we were able to package them up and have them ready to go. Thank you to everyone for picking up and paying for them.
As you can all imagine there were plenty of laughs on the drive down. There was a billboard with a picture of a man flicking a cigarette out a car window with the tagline, “Report a Tosser.”
Maci saw “Tosser” and thought only in New South Wales, not seeing the cigarette butt in the guy’s hand as we passed the first sign. It wasn’t until we passed another that she realized what a blonde moment she’d had. We laughed so hard our stomach muscles hurt for days. LOL.
Then there were the Rest Stop signs with a heart in the bottom right-hand corner.
Thankfully, Eden figured it out for us. It was only advertising the “Legendary Pacific Coast”. For hours this sign had amused us, with Maci and Cherie coming up with all sorts of hilarious scenarios.
We only stopped twice and made it to Sydney in 12 hours. I was stuffed.
Guess who we ran into in the lobby? River Savage, Liz Lovelock and a friend. The last time I saw River was in LA at the airport and I’d been in the same clothes for about 13 hours, history was repeating itself so, I immediately told her that she didn’t want to hug me as I smelled bad…River was like “So you don’t want to hug me?” I hugged her and she proceeded to tell me I smelled bad… She’s such a good friend…
Friday found us sleeping in, having a late brunch and then Maci & Cherie had some errands to run so I was on my own. This is where I kind of fell apart. I promised faithfully that I would NOT stay in my room that I would go downstairs and mingle.
I walked into the bar, saw a heap of Authors and readers, ordered a drink and then my phone rang. I sat down away from everyone and chatted to my hubby. As he hung up he told me to go and talk to everyone…
You all know I can talk underwater, right? Nerves overtook me and I headed back up to my room. House cleaning turned up so that left me on the 12th floor near the elevators trying to decide what to do when Amity Cross walked out of them.
Poor Amity, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see someone! I latched onto her and we both went back downstairs. I proceeded to hang out with her for the rest of the night. I also picked her brain. Amity is an amazing woman who has accomplished phenomenal things. If you’ve never checked her out, here’s her website: http://www.amitycrosswrites.com/
I also got to meet one of my favourite Authors TL Swann, although I didn’t recognise her. This woman is a true lady in the Indie publishing world. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her advice and friendship. You can find her here: https://www.tlswanauthor.com/
I went to bed early in preparation for Saturday. We had to be at Luna Park by 7:30am to set up.
It was amazing! The Readers were wonderful, the Authors were wonderful and my amazing PA Maci Dillon managed to make my table look fabulous, as always. The day flew by. I didn’t even get to go around and visit all my favourite Authors. I did poke Kate Bonham, who was sitting behind me…I poked her a LOT…LOL.
Unfortunately, my back didn’t cope with the day and by the end of it I didn’t actually think I was going to be able to walk out and back down to the car. So, I didn’t go to the after party. I am so sorry for that. I really wanted to go.
Sunday was a day of rest and drinks. I got to hang out with some truly lovely Readers who made me laugh. Letitia, Natalie, Phyl,  Kelly (who never came back), Maci & Cherie entertained me for a good few hours. Thank you.
Monday for us was the drive home. LORD it took forever! Thankfully, I got to stay at a friends house for the night and drove home the last  2 hours on Tuesday. When I arrived home the switch in the meter box had tripped and my fridge and freezer had completely defrosted. So, I cleaned both of them out and placed an on-line grocery order which got delivered on Wednesday.
One of my favourite Readers came to visit, Belinda & her daughter Em. The rest of the day was spent cooking up a storm and sleeping. It took a few days until I felt like myself again.
I feel like I haven’t told you all, how much of a good time I had. The Readers, the Authors, Maci and Cherie made it a fantastic weekend. After I got over my nerves – I have no idea what that was about – I had a great time.
Thank you all!
Kathleen x
My next Author Signing Event is in April in Chester, UK. Come say hello. 😉