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Writing is HARD

Most of you know I do this full-time.
Normal things can get in the way, my husband, friends, housework, the usual everyday stuff.
I was supposed to have 2 Books and a Christmas Novella out before the end of the year.
Right now, we will be lucky to have one book. I’m plodding away at Savage Truth, The Grinders Book 1. It’s Truth’s Story.
It is coming along but it’s not easy. You see I want this to be a really good story, I want you all to fall in love with Truth as much as I have. That’s when suddenly the washing seems really important or mopping the floors – which I still haven’t done.
This book should have been finished months ago. It should have been ready to go to my ever suffering Editor, on the 31st of October. But it hasn’t.
I will have it out this year, but it’s taking a little longer.
I promised you all a Savage Angels MC book by the end of this year but that’s not going to happen. I am going to have it for early 2017.
So, my nearest and dearest, I apologize.
Life gets in my way sometimes and sometimes I get in the way. Procrastination is my enemy.
the-grinders-logoHere’s a snippet of Savage Truth, it’s a little into the story, and it’s from Truth’s mother, Faith’s POV.
“I need painkillers!” I scream at a nurse.
“Dr Hunter told us you weren’t to have anything. So honey, ride it out, you’re almost there, one last push.” I bare my teeth at her, push as hard as I can and finally, it’s out of me. I fall back on the mattress, exhausted, overwhelmed and wishing I was high. “It’s a girl!”
“Great. Another girl.” I mutter.
“She’s beautiful.”
I glance at the nurse and notice she’s looking worried. She bundles the baby up and takes her from the room. I’m left alone, feeling utterly spent and ripped open.
The door opens and Dex sticks his head in. “Hey, beautiful, we have another girl.”
“She’s not yours.”
“She is mine in every way that counts, and she will never know that I’m not biologically her father. I need you to do that for me, Faith. I need you to do that for her.” He slowly approaches the bed. “Things are going to change. If you thought it was bad before, it’s about to get a whole lot worse for you. Our daughter is also going through detox which means you’ve used in the last little while. She’s outside, shaking, just like you are right now. Hopefully, she’s not going to have any ongoing medical problems. I love you Faith. I have from the very first time I laid eyes on you, but I don’t love what you’ve become.”
“Leave me then! I’ll take the kids and go live with my dad!”
Dex chuckles. “Do you really believe I’d let you leave with my children? Your father doesn’t want you. The day he forced me to marry you, he told me that you were my responsibility. So, we are going to get you clean. We are going to get you well, and this is never going to happen again.” Dex reaches up and gently moves the hair from my face. “It’s time to grow up Faith. You’re a wife and mother,” he kisses my forehead and continues, “and we need you.”
I don’t want to hear this. I close my eyes and try to find something to say, something that will make him believe I am going to get through this.
“What do you want to call her?” I ask.
“Faith, honey, you did all the hard work, the choice is yours.”
There’s only one name for this atrocity that crawled out of me.
“Jezebel,” I say flatly.
Not sure if you’re going to like Faith or Dex, Truth’s parents. They have been interesting to write.
Enjoy your day and drop me a line – I’m on Facebook, look me up 🙂
– Kathleen