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Be Courageous!

imagesWriting can be extremely rewarding, especially in those moments where you read a great review or hear from your readers about what they loved or how they connected with your characters. It can also be scary as hell, yes?

I was procrastinating, shhhh don’t tell anyone, and came across this quote by Holley Gerth on Pinterest.

It made me think of the story I just finished writing for a ‘Super Secret Release’ coming up on October 21st. It’s a multi-genre, multi-author book BUT it is NOT an anthology. This is something that will change the face of reading, a true #readingrevolution you could say. I had to go above and beyond anything I’d written to date. My input for this project is still within the MC romance genre but it’s completely different.  Simply put, I had to be courageous, because the task did scare the sh*t out of me a little. It wasn’t easy, but I accomplished something vastly different and unique and I’m feeling proud of the final product.

I really hope when the book (which I can’t even release the name of yet)… sorry 😉 is released, you will love it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. teaser_2

Whatever you’re writing now, whether you’re an established author, working on your first book or still at the stage of ‘will I or won’t I’, be courageous. There’s no right or wrong, write from the heart and as Holley says, write in a way that scares you a little.

Well that’s it from me, hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Kathleen xx

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