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Outlaw Author Motorcycle Convention – Author Signing in Mississippi

Thought I might tell you all a little bit about what I’ve been up to for the last month. Beware…. Long post to follow, but I hope you find it entertaining 🙂

On the 24th of June I attended the Outlaw Author Motorcycle Convention (OAMC) in Meridian, Mississippi. We, my hubby SL was with me, left Brisbane on Wednesday the 22nd of June at 10am. Now, we live in Toowoomba and Brisbane is just over an hour away. I love my SL but he likes to be early for planes, so we left home at 5am…I am NOT a morning person.

The plane arrived in Los Angeles at 6am on Wednesday 22nd of June…don’t you love time travel? It was a 13 hour plane trip. The last time I flew to England, I went Cathay Pacific and I thought they were good. This time we went with Qantas and I will never fly Cathay Pacific again. LOL. Our wonderful travel agent Marisa from Travel Partners Forestlake booked us on the best seats.

We were in row 70. The plane gets skinnier towards the back and there’s enough room there to stand or as we did on the way home, put all your extra stuff down there. Row 69 would be the best one to get, more room.

The flight was really good and we got off in LA to get another plane to Dallas Fort Worth which was leaving at 9:19am. After the trip to the UK I decided that I would not be smelly and feeling like a homeless person, so, before we left I purchased wipes and packed a spare pair of knickers in my bag along with a toothbrush and toothpaste…I left the freaking wipes at home…

So, went to the loo in LA – oh by the way the toilets on Qantas are so much cleaner than the Cathay Pacific ones, the floor wasn’t wet every time I went in there like it was with them…ewww… – had a fit as there were no wipes in my bag and didn’t even bother to brush my teeth as really what was the point? This is where I think lack of sleep severely impaired my judgment. LOL.

We make our way to baggage claim, then head to our next flight…a man tells me we’ve missed it by ten minutes…I have a meltdown…”But we have a connecting flight!” he ignores me…panicked, I look at SL who clearly hasn’t grasped the situation so of course I take charge. I am about to lose my shit at this man when another says, “No they haven’t.”

“Yes they have, it finished boarding ten minutes ago.”

“Man, it’s still on the board, it hasn’t left yet.”

At this point he looks at me and asks, “Where are you going?”

“Fort Worth.”

“Oh, sorry, wrong flight I thought you said blah blah.”

Other guy winks at me, grabs my bag and says, “Here take this, it’s priority boarding, you’ll get through faster.”

I smile and SL grabs me and pushes me through before I tell the first guy what I think of him. We arrive in Fort Worth at 2:30pm. This is where we meet up with Miss Maci who looks and smells a hell of a lot better than I do.  Then we get a connecting flight to Jackson and arrive there at 6:16pm.

llbSo now, I’ve been awake for 22 hours and I haven’t showered. We still need to get to Meridan and we are hiring a car. It’s supposed to be a Ford Fusion but of course they don’t have one of those. The man says we can pick any car we want J There’s a bright orange convertible Mustang just sitting there… But SL who is far more practical than I asks, which car has the biggest boot (trunk). I’m still happy as we get the Dodge Charger. That’s the car they use on numerous of my favorite cop shows! So, I’m HAPPY. The drive to Meridan was an hour and a half. That takes me up to 25 and a half hours without sleep. I do fall asleep in the car. We arrive and I’m hungry so we go straight to the bar. It’s about 8:30pm on Wednesday. I’m delirious. We order drinks, Maci orders a Moscow Mule and SL orders a Lemon Lime and Bitters. The waitress nods, like she knows exactly what he means and scurries away.

It arrives and it’s half lemon, half lime and the rest is vodka. Imagine taking a sip and feeling the back of your head explode, but he drank it. Laughing like a madman.

We finally go to bed and I reckon we’ve been awake for 28 hours. Well, I did sleep in the car so SL has been awake. The shower has never felt so good and I sleep like the dead.

The next day is Thursday and we go to iHop for breakfast. This, my friends, is a good place for food. They give you way too much but it’s good.

It’s Thursday and we basically stuff about and relax. We have a horrible time at Applebees but don’t complain. The rest of the Authors that are going to the OAMC do complain and get all their meals for free and only have to pay for their drinks.

BrandiOAMCOn Friday one of my ‘bestest’ friends in the US arrived with two of her best buddies. Brandi, Karessa & Bo spent some time with us in the bar at the hotel. These are some awesome people. Good people and I am happy to call them my friends. We all went to the Tattoo Party at TNT Tattoo. This was a get together to meet the readers and other Authors.

I ate Gumbo and it was soooo good. A lot of people got tattoos, 26 in fact. No, I didn’t, I think if I get one I’d like to know my artist first. Now, all of you know I have a bad back, yes?

Well, there was nowhere to sit so I apologise to everyone but I probably only stayed for an hour and a half and headed back to the hotel to Brandi, Karessa & Bo’s room where we drank, talked, and drank some more. If I’d stayed at the party my back would have hated me the next day.


I should also mention I poured a cup of beer down Karessa’s back…I didn’t mean to…


OH!! This is Geri Glen and I at the party!!


Saturday was the signing. This is where I really need to thank Maci for everything she does for me. She’s an awesome PA and lately the world has been against her but I know she’s trying as hard as she can. Life gets in the way sometimes but I’d be lost without her.

Maci set up my table, didn’t she do an awesome job? BTW I did try and move something and I’m pretty sure she growled at me…back away from the crazy lady. LOL.table

For my first international signing the fans were amazing! As were my fellow Authors. It was a great day and I met so many fantastic women and the occasional man 😉

I should also mention that Swag by NaNa hand delivered some of the most amazing swag I’ve ever had. Thank you Donna, I appreciate that you did that for me <3

Oh! This photo is of the AWESOME Autumn Lake Jones, me and NaNa!!


Kay Renee


Nicole James


Alana Sapphire


Winter Travers


Colbie Kay


Gwendolyn Grace – and she’s freaking nice as well as being beautiful!


Authors of the OAMC


After the signing was a party at Your Place, which was basically a biker bar. We were advised not to dress provocatively, just jeans and a t-shirt. This is when I decided I didn’t travel all the way from Australia to wear jeans and t-shirt….


I sent this photo above to Brandi who said, you are way over done….I didn’t care.

The after party was FUN! I had a blast. The bar we were in only had a license for beer. I don’t drink beer so I asked if they had cider? No but they had apple beer…cause they only have a license for beer…LOL

It was dingy but the atmosphere between authors and readers and bikers was amazing. The toilets only had shower curtains, no, I didn’t use them. PMSL. I watched MariaLisa DeMora play pool with Holly. MariaLisa didn’t win so much as Holly screwed up and lost…if that makes sense.

A couple of guys walked in and were like, I’ve never seen so many women in here before. We all drank, ate, and had fun. It was my favorite part of the whole OAMC experience.


This was only the first five days of my trip so stay tuned for my US holiday post coming soon….. if you haven’t already, subscribe to my blog for notifications of new posts and sign up to my newsletter.  Be back soon.

Kathleen xx