Savage Angels MC

Pt II: BEAR ~ A short erotic story

BEAR is the Savage Angels Road Captain and if you missed the first installment of this short erotic story, be sure to read it here.


My home is on the outskirts of Tourmaline on the way to Pearl County. I inherited it years ago from my folks; it’s a small three bedroom, one bathroom. The thing I love about it is the back deck and it’s huge. As a family we would spend most of our summers lazing around out there. I don’t come here as often as I should. I do love it but it’s lonely here. I have never had anyone out to the house, not even the Brothers.

I re-decorated the house about five years after my folks passed. Took me a good six months to get it the way I like it. There’s no womanly touch here but it is homely. As we pull up I can see the yard is all overgrown and the shrubs I planted around the front door need to be trimmed right back. I pull up in the carport and as soon as the bike is stopped, Sharon jumps off.

“Your yard needs to be mowed.” She says.

“Yeah, guess it’s been longer than I thought since I’ve been out here.”

“You don’t come here often? I guess it is kind of remote.”

“I only come out here when I need some time alone, that doesn’t happen very much.”

“Well, are you going to show me inside?”

I chuckle at her and walk towards the front door, I open it and push it wide. “Welcome to my humble abode!”

“You don’t keep the door locked?”

“No, who’s going to come out here? It’s miles from anywhere and you can’t see it from the road. You’d have to know it was here and the only ones who know that are family or some of the Brothers.”

She wanders past me into the living room. “Take me on the grand tour, Bear, show me where you live.”

“Ok, ahh, this is the living room and if you go –“

“Where’s your bedroom Bear?”

“My bedroom?”

She goes further into the house and starts opening doors along the hallway. “Mine’s the last on the right.”

Sharon pushes open the door, looks me in the eye, winks and walks inside. I slowly make my way to her and when I enter the room she’s looking out of the sliding doors to the woods beyond.

“The doors open if you want to go out on the deck.”

She has her back to me when she responds, “Why would you stay in the compound when you have this? It’s beautiful.”

I walk up behind her and look out at the view. “Yeah, it is but it’s lonely out here by myself. At least in town I’m around the MC and other townsfolk, out here it’s just me.”

“I think that would be nice, no other people to bother you or interfere in your business.”

I’m staring at her profile and she looks so serious. Nothing like the woman who got on the back of my bike.

“Has someone…interfered with you?”

She bursts out laughing and looks at me. “No, Bear, not in this town. So far everyone has been very nice.”

She puts her hands on my chest and they wander down to my belt. I can’t help the look of surprise that goes across my face. I’ve never had a woman come on to me so blatantly, it’s not like I haven’t had my fair share including some of the whores in and around Tourmaline but nothing steady and they certainly didn’t pursue me like this woman appears to be doing. She stops her hands from wandering and tilts her head to the side.

“Do you have coffee or something warm to drink?”

I smile at her, “I do have coffee, hope you like it black.”

“No, I don’t but I’ll try anything once.” Her smile spreads across her face, she gets up on tip toe and kisses me on the lips. “Lead the way.”

“Lead the way?” Her kiss has completely disarmed me.

“Yes, Bear, lead the way to the kitchen.” Her small hand finds mine and she pulls me from the bedroom. This time though I’m not sure if I want to leave as she tugs on my hand I stay still and will not be moved.


“You know what it means to ride on the back of my bike?”

Depositphotos_2172248_original“Yes, you pointed that out before we left.” Her hands go back to my belt and I can feel my cock get hard. She undoes it and my jeans, her small hands find my cock and a gasp escapes me. “Wanna fuck Bear?”

I put my hands on her breasts and massage them, she starts to walk me backwards and when my knees hit the bed I fall on my ass. She immediately straddles me but I am not a small man.

“Lay down Bear.” She stands and undoes my boots. It takes all of her strength but she manages to get them off. “Need you to stand up big guy.”

Slowly I stand up, she tugs on my jeans and they hit the floor with a loud thud. I look down at her and she drops to her knees. I sit down and she moves forward.

“No Shaz, I don’t need you to do that.” She looks up at me and smiles. “Stand up, let me look at you.”

I help her to her feet and place my hands on her hips. She reaches down and pulls her tank up over her head then she reaches around and undoes her bra, letting her ample breasts sway free. I pull her further into me and draw one of her nipples into my mouth as my hands go to the button of her jeans. She arches as I pull her jeans down and slide my hand between her legs, she is slick with desire. The smell of her desire in my nostrils is enough to drive me over the edge.

“Need you to lay down, baby.”

She does as she’s told and I stand and remove my t-shirt and cut. She spreads her legs on the bed giving me an unobstructed view of her shaved pussy. I kneel between her legs and bend down and lick her slit. I feel her hands in my hair as she holds me in place. I’m working her with my tongue as she grinds into me her movements becoming more frantic. I stop and pull away from her.

“No!” she moans, “I’m so close Bear, please!”

I get up off the bed and open a bedside table, grabbing a condom. The foil tears easily and I place the rubber over my cock.

“Need you to ride me, baby.” I order her.

I lay down next to her and she straddles me taking my cock inside her. Her pussy is tight and so wet. I place my thumb over her sweet spot and rub, her movements get faster. I gaze at her face, she has her head back and her eyes closed.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” She gives me a slight shake of her head, so I know she’s heard me. I move my hands to her hips and stop her movement, a frustrated moan escapes her. “Look at me, Shaz.”

Her eyes open and they are filled with lust. I resume my movements on her clit and allow her to ride me again.

“Tell me how it feels.”

“It feels fucking fantastic.” She increases her speed and bites her bottom lip.

“Kiss me, babe.” Slowly she leans down and kisses me and I tweak her nipple hard. “Don’t close your eyes again. When you are fucking me you’ll do it with your eyes open or I’ll fuck you without letting you come.”

She bites into my bottom lip then sits up. Her blonde hair has that I’ve-just-been-fucked look and she says, “Ok Bear. I’ll keep my eyes open.”

She rolls her hips and puts my hand back down near her core. Our eyes are locked as she rides me and I can feel my own orgasm building. Her pussy spasms around my cock and I thrust upwards, she cries out and the noise of it causes me to lose control. It rolls over me in waves and she keeps moving taking me to a whole new level.

“Stop, babe, please stop.” I murmur, trying to reign in my own emotions.

She collapses on top of me, breathing heavy, trailing her hand across my chest. When I’m sure I’m under control I say, “Was it good for you?” I’m a big guy and there’s only a couple of ways to have sex without hurting the person I’m fucking.

Her laughter shakes her whole body and I can feel it all the way through me. “Was it good for me?” She sits up and slaps my chest. “Yes, it was good for me big fella! Couldn’t you tell?” She rolls off me and lies beside me. “Food, I need food. Do you have anything out here?”

“So, it was good?”

She gets up on one elbow and says, “Yes, it was good. Now, I’m hungry, you need to feed me!”

I chuckle at her and say, “Might have some steaks in the freezer, how does that sound?”

“Good, can we use the barbeque on the back deck?” I nod at her. “Good, I’m going to shower then you can feed me then you can fuck me again.”

“Has anyone told you that you are a fucking bossy bitch?”

She stands, grabs her breasts, pushes them together and says, “Yes, they have, but if you want to fuck me again and you know you do, you better do what I say.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, Bear, now get your ass out of bed and I’ll meet you, naked on the deck.” She giggles, shakes her ass at me and goes in search of the bathroom. This woman is going to be the death of me.


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