Savage Angels MC

Meet BEAR – Savage Angels MC Road Captain


The wedding day fast approaches and Dane has left it to me, to organize the bucks night. As Road Captain within the Savage Angels MC I normally only get to supervise the road trips but Dane’s been wanting to spend less and less time away from Tourmaline and his Kat. The Club could use a bit of fun with their President participating. There are those starting to talk about his lack of interest in the MC and his mismanagement of those within it. I, of course, do not think that way. I have known Dane since he became a Prospect, he’s hard but fair. My fear is that he’ll be overthrown and I do not think this is in the best interests of the Club. As I walk across the Compound towards the garage in search of Jonas, I am hopeful that the troubles within the MC can be healed by a damned good party.

A loud wolf whistle pierces the air, I know it can’t be meant for me as it’s been a really long time since anyone has done me that kind of compliment so, I don’t even turn around. When I hit the garage doors I look up to see Jonas grinning at me.

“VP, how’s it hanging?”

“Well, not as good as you apparently, Bear.” He motions behind me and I turn around to see a group of Angels standing in a huddle and laughter fills the air.

“Hasn’t any one told them it isn’t nice to make fun of a larger fucking man?” I ask.

“Ahh, Bear, the blondie over there has done everything but walk around with a sign to get you to notice her for the past month.” He walks up and leans on me and points at the women. “She’s the one on the end with the big…er….eyes.” Then he slaps me and bursts out laughing.

There are five of them in a huddle and sure enough on the end is a big boobed beauty. Surely she can’t be interested in me? She’s pretty enough to have her pick of any of the Brothers why she’d even give me a second look is beyond me.

“Does she know I’m not the VP but the Road Captain? Does she think I’m higher up in the MC?”

“Bear, does it not occur you that she just might think you are a sexy-fucking-beast?” he chuckles as he turns back around and walks into the garage.

“No, it doesn’t.” I mutter as I follow him inside.

He raises his eyebrows at me. “How longs it been, Bear, since you’ve had the company of a good woman or a bad one?” he says with a wink.

“I do ok.” I say as I try and steer the conversation away from me. “I was thinking that we could hold the bucks night here in the Compound , VP. Do you think you could go into Marlow and get a few of the strippers to volunteer their services for the big night?”

“Volunteer? Yeah, Bear, they have already said they’d put on a good show for Dane. Hell, more than one of them has hoped from time to time that he would look at them as more than a fuck, not that he’s even done that since Kat. Why’d you pick here at the Compound? Thought you wanted to get out of Tourmaline?”

I do but Dane doesn’t. What’s it been nearly two years? And he’s still wrapped around Kat’s little finger.”

“Some men like to be enslaved to a woman.” Says a voice filled with humor from behind me.

I turn around to see the blonde standing there with a smirk on her face.

Laughter escapes Jonas. “Well, sweetheart, some of us aren’t that easily swayed, hey, Bear?”

The blonde doesn’t take her eyes off me. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it or perhaps you haven’t met the right one yet?” she says.

I shuffle from foot to foot taking her in. She must be ten years younger than me with the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s wearing a tight, black, tank top that shows off her assets to their best advantage.

I’m staring at those when she says, “I’m Sharon-Ann.”

I drag my eyes up to hers and stammer out, “Bear.”

“I know.” She smiles at me seductively and put she hands on her hips and thrusts her breasts out, drawing my gaze back to them.

“Bear, why don’t you go buy the lady a drink?” says Jonas.

I glance over my shoulder at Jonas and he has a shit-eating-grin plastered on his face. I give him a slight shake of my head and then I feel a small hand grab my own. I look down and Sharon-Ann has my hand and is walking backwards.

“Now, you wouldn’t want to disappoint me now would you, Bear?” she purrs.

“I have a lot to organize today. I’m not sure if I can spare the time.”

“Nonsense! Bucks night isn’t for a week and a bit. I’m sure a distraction is just what you need.” says Jonas giving me a shove right into her.

She pulls me along and like a school boy I follow her. We walk into the Clubhouse, past the bar and into my room. She closes the door, pulls her tank up over her head and throws herself backwards onto my bed. I watch her breasts as they move up and down with the bouncing of the mattress.

“So, this is your room?”

Her voice draws my eyes to her face and she’s wearing a knowing smile. “Yeah, as Road Captain, I get my own room.”

“You think that’s why I’m here? ‘Cause you are the Road Captain?” She sits up and sighs and grabs her tank. “Boy, did I have you figured out all wrong.”

“Why are you here then?”

“Not because you are the Road Captain.” She’s put her tank back on and stands up.

“Can’t tell me you are here for my good looks or stunning body.” I growl at her.

“Not everyone likes a pretty boy, some of us have a more acquired tastes.”

Without giving it too much thought I bridge the gap between us, grab her by the shoulders and kiss her. Surprisingly she melts into me and her hands go straight to my belt. Jonas is right it’s been a very long time and I don’t want to rush this, so, I grab her hands and push her backwards onto the bed. She giggles and removes her tank again.

“Ahh, Sharon,” I stammer, “could we slow this down a bit?”

“Slow this down?” Her pretty blue eyes look surprised. “You haven’t noticed me at all, have you?”

“The Angels don’t normally give me a second look. I don’t drink, I’m a big guy and compared to the Prez and VP I’m not pretty.” I look down at my stomach. I am six foot two and calling me heavy-set is being kind. My nose has been broken so many times that it is permanently red, I don’t understand why she’d even give me a smile let alone want to have sex with me.

She sighs and I look into her eyes. “Bear, how about we take this slow? What if you take me for a ride and back to your home or do you live here in the compound?”

“I have a place. It’s not much…and it’s kind of…”

“Messy? Who cares? Come on big fella, let’s go.” She stands and puts her top back on.

“It’s not messy, I’m not messy. It’s just it’s a bit of a ride from here. I spend most of my time here .”

“Well, we best be going then, yeah?” She grabs my hand again and starts dragging me towards the door.


“Yes?” she looks up at me with a small smile on her lips.

“You know there’s NRNR etched onto my bike.”

Her smile gets bigger. “I know, that’s what I’m hoping for.”

I raise my eyebrows at her as she pulls me out of the room. Can’t remember the last time an Angel got on the back of my bike or even asked me for a ride. Normally I point at the NRNR and they go find someone else, someone who’s a little smaller in shape. Guess they are afraid I’ll squash them.


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