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I have been blessed in the E-Book Community. Some very big authors have taken a liking to me and guided me thru cyber space to finally get my book published and selling!

I debuted at 1079. In my wisdom I was aiming for 350ish – I had NO IDEA how hard it is to get that type of rank. A very good author friend told me I should aim for 4500. It’s been fluctuating from the 500’s to the 700’s. Today Savage Stalker hit 383 and #14 for Erotica>romantic.
WOW!! So I hit my 300’s 🙂

ATM it’s:

Which is still really bloody good!
I’m getting some really nice reviews on Amazon and if you are one of the people who gave me a positive review – THANK YOU
if you are one of the people who didn’t like it – I’m sorry!! I have read your reviews and will endeavor to improve in the next book Savage Fire.That’s it! Have an awesome week –

Kathleen xx

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