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It’s Finished – What Now?

I’ve re-read Savage Stalker and re-read Savage Stalker – still finding the odd mistake and thank the Lord for Beta Readers – I missed “stilling grinning”…and I’ve read it so many times…
So, my hubby helped me plot book 2 and this time I’m trying to improve my craft so, I’ve read a few “self help” Author books. It’s a good thing and a bad thing – I can see all my mistakes with book 1 – which I’m fixing – but how many times do I have to fix it???
The answer – until it’s right.

Book 2 is going to be awesome and I made a few mistakes with book 1. Just with self discipline and actually writing not fucking about.
This time I have a plan and I’ve plotted most of the book – now I just need to flesh it out.

Sounds easy…

I also booked LM Creations in for the cover but she’s not available until 29/12/14 so she’s busy! Did I mention I love the cover?

Have a great day/night – I’m back to book 2 😀

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