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Outside Influences

I had all these great intentions of finishing my book by 28th…not going to happen.
Apart from the fact that I am my biggest saboteur, I have a cat that is not well.

I don’t have any children, I have two cats, a British Shorthair and a Burmese.

The Burmese is called Jack. He’s always been a bit special and not in a good way. He’s sensitive, he’s nervous, he has OCD, he bites his nails…the list really does go on. For a little while he’s been vomiting and at first I thought he was just eating too fast and if you yell at him, he vomits – just thought he was nervous…

I took him to the Vet about a month ago and was told he had pancreatitis, given antibiotics and sent home. Then on Saturday 20th he couldn’t stop vomiting took him back to the vet and they took blood & a urine sample. We rang the vet Sunday morning and told them he hadn’t eaten and I was worried he could be dehydrated, so, we took him back in.

He stayed with the Vet until Tuesday afternoon and I was told to him him antibiotics and that he would be fine.
Wednesday morning he vomits up all of his breakfast and I ring the Vet again and they tell me just to monitor him…
Did I mention I’m going away for two weeks on Monday 29th? So, I say no I need this sorted please do an ultra sound on him,
Take him back to the Vet on Wednesday and they do an ultra sound, they ring late Wednesday and let me know he has gallstones and his gallbladder is infected and they need to remove it.

Today is Thursday and they are doing the operation this afternoon…”hopefully” he’ll be out of hospital on Sunday…
Then I contacted my travel agent who told me that there is a very small chance that my cruise might be cancelled – which I hope to hell it is, but knowing my luck it won’t be. Seriously who’s wants the responsibility of looking after a sick cat? and how am I even going to relax if I do go?

So my book is only 30,000 words short because of outside influences and my own in ability to just sit the fuck down and write!

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