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What To Wear?

So , I’m not sure if I mentioned that I quit my job in order to write full time.

Actually that’s not true…I have a really bad back. I was working in a luggage store. It’s actually very physical work – not like labouring for eight hours but still – it’s up and down ladders to reach over your head to get 4kg+ suitcases up and down to sell and to re-stock. Then if you ever go into the backroom of one of those places, shelving goes all the way to the ceiling so they can pack it in. It’s a pretty brainless job though…but I did enjoy it. I’m good at selling other peoples things…not so good at promoting myself, hence the amount of followers I have 🙂

Anyway after a days work I would basically come home take painkillers, have a shower, eat and then go to sleep. Not much of a life. So, my bestest buddy Nina Levine wrote a book. She wanted to make $2000 to move…she made SOOOOOO much more than that and has now written four books and I think a novella – she quit her job, writes full-time and now LOVES her life. She encouraged me to leave my job as my wonderful hubby does make a very good wage and so long as I don’t spend like I used to when I was I’m working we’ll be ok. I’ve discovered a couple of things…

1. I do not know how to go to the shops and NOT spend at least $200 – $400 everytime I leave the house…

2. If I stay home what the hell do I wear? I can’t wear my nice clothes at home, what’s the point? Today I decided as it’s a little cool, so I put on tights – seriously who made these fucking evil things. Very hard to get on…but on an upside I am a larger girl and they go up under my boobs so they even out the rolls of fat. I’ve topped this with a tight fitting singlet top that goes down to mid-thigh and then well, I’m showing WAAAYYY too much of my arms so I put on a long cardie that goes to my knees…oh and my fluffy pink slippers to top off this ensemble….

I look terrible my tights are black (what else are big girls supposed to wear) my singlet is turquoise and my cardie is fawn…

If you know me you would know I never go anywhere without a face and I do try to look nice…the word Princess has been used more than once, even by myself 🙂

This being at home gig is HARD and I feel like a frump!

3. If being at home and writing is now my “job” when am I supposed to do housework? I’ll be honest I fucking hate doing it! I decided Mondays would be my housework day but I’m not “feeling” it today so I’m writing… 🙂

My Goddaughter has a saying “First world problems…”

Have an awesome day – I’m writing xx

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