Tackling Love

Tackling Love is available on August 20th, exclusive to Amazon and FREE in KU! AND ONLY 99c on PREORDER!

Book 2 Tackling Life is also on pre-order and with be with us on the 8th of July 2021.

Colton Anders

Quarterback for the New England Warriors.

Playboy, cocky, self-assured, used to getting what he wants.

Skye Hadley

Teacher at a high-profile private school.

Quiet, plays it safe, never break the rules.

Unexpectedly, their two worlds collide.

Colton tempts Skye one night and she throws caution to the wind, taking him home.

Unknowingly propelling herself into a world filled with fans, media, and an abundance of unwanted attention.

The media are grueling, but their chemistry is undeniable. Vulnerable in lust, Skye wants nothing more than to give in to her heart’s desires.

With the world watching, will Colt be able to win Skye over in this fun, sports, romance?

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Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2CDKNSi

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